It's a Crazy Week

I'm sure a lot of you are living in a state of upheaval this week with Covid-19 making the rounds and so many people in quarantine. How are we feeling about the mess that is grocery shopping?! Oh my goodness!

Anyway, just wanted to share what we do and don't have going on this week podcast wise.

Wine Thirty - we're taking the week off! My liver appreciates a break sometimes and the news is just frustrating and depressing this week. #IJustCant

The Bach Report - Peter's season is over! We'll be posting about the first episode of The Bachelorette New Zealand on Tuesday (3/17). They have TWO bachelorettes this season, which I'm super stoked for.

I Just Don't Have Time For - Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist has been so much fun to podcast about. Episodes 4 & 5 will be out this weekend and episode 6 will be out early in the week.

So while you don't have a new episode of Wine Thirty to listen to, you will have 4 more podcast episodes from us this week & it's a great time to dive in to both!

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