Pulling an All-Nighter in Quarantine

We've been in our house for 9 days no & are going stir crazy. Not only that but our sleep schedule is whack. So, how are we combating that? By pulling an all-nighter, of course! We woke up around 11 AM today (ugh!) and are staying up all night tonight so that we will be tired enough to go to bed earlier tomorrow and get up at a normal hour. Going to bed at 3 AM is not working for us. I've downed my first energy drink of the day (yes, it's 7 PM and I've only had one) and we're getting ready to have a podcast-a-thon. We're hoping to record at least one episode of Wine Thirty, one episode of The Bach Report, and two episodes of I Just Don't Have Time For. Maybe tonight I'll get some decent work in on Zelda's children's book! I'm planning on doing an hourly dance party to keep myself moving and awake. I'm thinking "Call Me Maybe" may have to be on the playlist. I'll be checking in after we finally sleep to let you know how it goes. What are your tricks for staying up?

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