Staying Awake...A Diary

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

7:45 PM

My first dance sesh. Zelda wagged her little tail while I danced to 'Call Me Maybe', but did not want to join in. I had Sensei Squirrel and Coco (two of her favorite toys) dance for her, as well. Spirits lifted. Feeling good.

7:50 PM

Aperol Spritz time. Looking up topics for Wine Thirty. This is a challenge since EVERYTHING seems to be about the Covid-19. Ugh! I need something more upbeat! Looking at Refinery 29 and wondering why I haven't taken the time to do a Money Diary yet. Making a mental note to get on that.

8:23 PM

Feeling really good about my topics for this podcast. While I do have some topics related to Covid-19, I found some other important things to talk about. Going to go do my hourly dance!

8:31 PM

Second dance sesh was a success. 'Look What You Made Me Do' isn't quite as fun to dance to, but was a good way to boost energy nonetheless. Thinking next hour I may dance to some 5SOS in solidarity since Ashton has been sick. Twitter, here I come! Asking for ideas of what else to dance to tonight.

8:35 PM

Time for an iced coffee! Let's do this!

8:50 PM

Re-straightening my hair and painting my nails! Gotta stay busy! Feeling it & it's not even 9. Yikes!

9:05 PM

Nails and hair - done! I painted my nails OPI DS Charcoal, which is an old color that I haven't used in ages. The metallic color looks fab with my engagement ring. I don't know why I haven't worn it in so long! I'm still nursing my iced coffee. As soon as I'm finished, it's dance time again!

9:33 PM

Just got my dance on to 'Youngblood' by 5SOS. How stinking cute is that music video?! Changing out of my jeans and sneakers into sweatpants and slippers. My phone and laptop are both dying at the same time. Ugh! Gotta plug this stuff in!

9:45 PM

Energy drink time! I used to only drink Sugar-free Red Bull, but I'm obsessed with this stuff by Alani Nu. It has biotin in it so at least I'm giving my hair and nails a boost along with my energy! Tropsicle and Mimosa are my two favorites. I have the Hawaiian Shaved Ice as a pre-workout and 10/10 would recommend! Messaging my friend Jessica on Twitter. She does readings and is so in tune with everything. It's really incredible. Opening our wine for the podcast so it can breathe before we start. Gearing up for a good time, babes!

10:25 PM

Scrolling Facebook. I hate it. I should stop.

10:37 PM

I got Andrew to dance with me this hour. Spice Up Your Life, anyone? Hooking up our mics to podcast!

10:43 PM

Testing. Testing.

10:56 PM

Got distracted. Paying out credit cards before recording.

10:58 PM

Here we go! So grateful that this is my job.

11:37 PM

Podcast complete! It's dance time, baby!

11:51 PM

Danced to 'Work From Home' by Fifth Harmony and posted our new podcast episode. Woot woot! I set it up so people can now listen to our podcast on their Alexa devices by saying "Alexa, play Wine Thirty". Pretty awesome, right? Maybe I'm behind the times, but I'm excited about it.

11:59 PM

Reading about the stimulus plan. Glad they agreed on something, but where is the extra 1.6 trillion going if only 400 billion is going to the public? Hmmm...

12:01 AM

Time to find something to watch. Oh, wait! New episodes of The Circle Brazil just came out! Andrew is requesting some chicky nugs. I'm a big fan of the dino nuggets and he offered to make them...therefore, I'm game.

12:08 AM

Just realized that this is the last week of episodes for The Circle Brazil and I should decide who I'm rooting for to win. Marina & Dumaresque are my two favorites, but has Dumaresque made enough moves? OMG first elimination of the night. I'm shook! What?! I mean, they deserved to go at this point, but still shocked it happened. Woah! They're obviously going to visit Lorayne now, right? Ahhh!!! The anticipation! I mean, of course. I just turned up the volume, but I don't know why since I don't know Portuguese...yet. Ooooh they told Lorayne that Ray is a little snake. Good move. Good move. Okay, not going to live blog the whole thing. They're kissing!! What?! Okay, for real going to stop blogging about it for a few. Soaking it all in.

12:26 AM

Took a little break to dance to The Other Side by SZA & Justin Timberlake. I'd never heard the song before but great to jam to. Sipping on some iced coffee and going back to The Circle Brazil.

12:29 AM

Just realized I don't get to sleep for another 20 or so hours...How am I going to make it? Fudge.

12:43 AM

Nuggie time! And OMG so much drama on the show right now. It's keeping me awake at least! Normally I'd be winding down in bed. Knowing how much longer I have to go makes me feel more tired. Trying not to think about it. Dumaresque is such a gem. Can we just give him the money now, please? I like Lorayne, but girl has made some bad choices as of late. I'm realizing that most of your probably don't watch this show...

1:36 AM

I got Andrew to dance with me again. We took Zelda out for a little walk. Why are all the neighbors still awake? Oh yeah, because no one has to work this week so everyone else's schedules are whack too. We shook it to 'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift. I didn't mean to choose another Taylor song so soon, but the Vevo Pop Workout Hits playlist thought differently. I'm not complaining. Anyway...back to The Circle Brazil...

1:53 AM

I'm fading and am dying for a cat nap.

2:45 AM

Still watching my show but gotta dance and then take a shower. I'm so flipping tired.

3:32 AM

Spent 45 minutes complaining about being tired & not watching my show. Decided I can't dance or shower right now. My body is getting random nerve pains and I'm going to lay down in bed and take a cat nap.

3:38 AM

Teeth brushed. Office on! Season 2 was always one of my favorites.

7:12 AM

Finally fell asleep a little after 5 AM. My alarm went off every 10 minutes starting at 6 AM and I'm finally ready to stay awake. My eyes are still heavy and I technically failed. However, if I'm alseep by 9 PM tonight, it's a win.

7:39 AM

Sitting in the bath tub to wake up my body. If I was smart I would have filled the tub with cold water.

8:07 AM

Going to pour some peanut butter Chex and sip on some iced coffee. Finally going to watch The Circle Brazil finale.

8:15 AM

Made a pit stop to wash my face. This face wash is my fave. It's final ratings time on The Circle Brazil and my heart is beating fast. I'm so glad I waited to finish this.

8:23 AM

Finished my Chex, but can't bring myself to drink coffee yet. I'm old and acidity is not sounding great.

10:31 AM

Finished my show. Have been zoning out watching The Regular Show (for the hundredth time) and just trying to function. Zelda just got up and I took her out to potty and fed her breakfast. We're now having a cuddle fest. Is it late enough to sleep yet? OMG.

10:58 AM

Washed all of our dirty dishes by hand. Why? Because I'm tired and somehow that seemed easier than putting them in the dishwasher. I don't feel well, but just reheated some taco soup I made the other day. Maybe a good meal will give me a pick me up. I haven't been able to stomach any coffee or energy drinks yet today. I've now finished 9 episodes of The Regular that's where I'm at.

11:08 AM

Finished my soup and am feeling a bit better already. I'm going to try getting some caffeine in me at this point. I just have to stay up for 8-9 more hours. I can do this! Andrew fell asleep around 5:30 and is still in bed. Lucky duck.

11:17 AM

Sucking down an energy drink and looking for something else to watch. I guess now is as good a time as any to watch Always a Bridesmaid on Netflix.

12:12 PM

Not feeling the movie at all. Still working on the same energy drink. I just splashed some cold water on my face. 😫 8ish more hours...

12:52 PM

Went and hung out and chatted with Andrew in the other room for awhile. He is finally awake and eating breakfast. He just turned on an Anime, which is not helping my tiredness.

1:36 PM

I am ravenous. Making more taco soup before I go drop off some sticker merch orders at the USPS dropbox. We realized yesterday we have zero snacks in our house & if this shut down lasts another 12 weeks, we're going to need some.

2:36 PM

My head is pounding and I feel past the point of exhaustion. Laying down in bed and listening to The LadyGang.

4:33 PM

Great podcast. I took a shower and a few ibuprofen and I'm feeling a bit better. Headed to USPS now.

6:27 PM

Dropped off our orders, took Zelda for a walk, made a quesadilla & am now feeling refreshed. It's all easy from here! Watching Merry Happy Whatever on Netflix. I watched the first episode when it first came out and then completely forgot about it. Today is the perfect day to circle back!

9:16 PM

Crawling into bed. I'm calling it a success even though I did nap for a little over an hour this morning. I'm still in bed at a decent hour vs 2 AM and am exhausted. Let's see how long I can keep up going to bed early and getting up early! Thanks for reading along!

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