Teen Review:: Degrassi: The Next Generation

We have a new section of our blog, where Dahana (our new teen contributor) will be reviewing music and TV from the 2000's. All the things we used to love! First up, is her review of the pilot of Degrassi: The Next Generation. Unfortunately, Jimmy wasn't in episode one...drats! We would have loved to see an opinion on a young Drake. we go!!

Degrassi 101 The Next Generation is a Canadian teen drama television Series . The series starts by introducing a group of 8th grade children that go visit the high school they will be attending next year. After the kids looked around the adults/parents that went to Degrassi high school were going to attend their 10th year reunion.

One of the characters Emma Nelson was talking to a boy named Jordan on the Web.They never meet in person, but one day Jordan tells Emma to meet him. That shows the danger and risk of meeting people online. Emma tells one of her friends, Manny, asking if she should accept his request. Manny says it's not a good idea because something bad can happen to her. Emma ignores Manny's advice and decides to meet him.

I think that this show can help kids in the new generation that use online websites talking to strangers,and how dangerous and to be aware that bad things can happen to them. I only saw the first episode but, I personally feel like their show is a lot like new shows that are coming out now.

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