The Bachelorette New Zealand

We've officially started our new season of The Bach Report! You can listen to the latest episode by going to your favorite podcast app or clicking on The Bach Report on the main menu above. I just wanted to share some photos of our favorite contestants (so far!) Just in case you are scared to Google and are trying to avoid spoilers.

Liam - Andrew thinks this guy will make it top 4/5. I think this guy is going to be trouble. A little reminiscent of Luke P. from Hannah Brown's season.

Kurt - I was unsure watching his intro package, but I think he's a pretty sweet dude. I'm hoping he doesn't let me down.

Aaron - Lesina finds him attractive and they have instant chemistry. Let's see where it goes!

Quinn - He won the first impression rose and he & Lesina have chemistry off the bat. Plus, he's actually capable. I'd love to see him make it to the end.

Let us know your favorites so far! How do you feel about the mole?

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