Updated Website + Zelda Merch!

We're finally getting out $#*+ together and getting our website fully set up! We added links to our most recent sponsors & our promo codes, all of our current podcasts, and an easy way to contact us! It's a win-win-win! We also posted out first 6 Zelda stickers on our Etsy page, which I'll link in this post. How cute is Baby (Yoda) Zelda?!

Today, we're recording two new episodes of I Just Don't Have Time For, this week's episode of Wine Thirty, and have to watch The Bachelor finale! It's a jam packed work day!

Since Peter's season of The Bachelor ends tonight, we will start recapping the current season of The Bachelorette New Zealand starting next week! They have two bachelorettes this year and we are so excited to see how it plays out! for all the cool new Zelda merch!

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