What to Stream While Social Distancing

Whether you're social distancing this week or fully in isolation or quarantine, we've got you covered! Here are our favorite things to stream while stuck at home ---

Lindsey's Faves

  • Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist - Hulu

Not just because we have a podcast about it, but because it is actually one of the best shows currently on television. Starring: Jane Levy, Skylar Astin, Alex Newell, Peter Gallagher, Lauren Graham (and a bunch of other amazing singer/dancer/actors). This show is a real gem.

  • The Bold Type - Netflix & Hulu

Think Sex & The City if the character were less annoying and they talked about current social issues. This show is never afraid to go there and it always does in the most relatable ways.

  • Aggretsuko - Netflix

An adult cartoon that really gives me what I want without ever being crude or too much. Retsuko works in an office, wants to find a husband (so she doesn't have to work anymore), drinks beer, is always nice to everyone, AND sings heavy metal music when she needs to rage. I have Aggretsuko energy drinks in our office for decor, if that tells you how much I enjoy this.

  • Taylor Tomlinson 'Quarter Life Crisis' - Netflix

The best comedy special I've watched on Netflix in a long time. Immediately after watching I bought front row tickets to see her in May (if we're not all in isolation). I instantly panicked because sitting that close was giving me anxiety. She comforted me on Twitter by promising she wouldn't talk to me. I'm here for it.

  • Dollface - Hulu

Another great show led by strong female actors. When I saw the cat driving the bus, I wasn't sure what I was in for, but I ended up bingeing this in two days. A fun, easy watch.

  • You're The Worst - Hulu

I couldn't make a list without including this show. This is hands down my favorite show I have ever watched. The characters are deep and complex but still funny. This show tackles depression is such a realistic way. There are episodes you will laugh your butt off and episodes you will cry your eyes out. I love how beautifully balanced this show is. And yes, you will think every character is the absolute worst at some point or another.

  • Miss Americana - Netflix

Whether you love or hate Taylor Swift, this is a must watch. We get to see some great behind the scenes moments of Taylor's career and get to see how she genuinely is as a person and not just a performer. I watched this late at night and cried at least 6 times.

Andrew's Faves

  • Dimension 404 - Hulu

This is great for watching with your significant other. It's similar to Black Mirror, but not as heavy. Good for fans of American Horror Story, as well. It's an anthology series so you can easily watch an episode to give you a break from what you're bingeing.

  • Sword Art Online - Netflix

A good anime to watch if you haven't already. It's fun to follow and doesn't need all of your attention.

  • Ronny Chieng 'Asian Comedian Destroys America' - Netflix

Ronny Chieng is hysterical and it's interesting to see an outsider's view of our culture. The things he brings up will stick with you long after. I now watch my napkin consumption and am very aware of how many screens are in front of my face at any given time.

  • Cannon Busters - Netflix

If you like Cowboy Bebop, you'll like Cannon Busters. This was done by the same illustrators as The Boondocks. This is a lighter watch than a lot of anime. You can walk away for a few minutes and come back and still understand what's going on.

  • Workin Moms - Netflix

This show made me laugh out loud and is perfect for watching with a significant other or throwing on while cleaning the house.

  • The Kominsky Method - Netflix

I recommend this show to everyone I know. The Kominsky Method explores the hardships of getting older in a lighthearted comedic way. If you like Workin Moms, you'll most likely enjoy The Kominsky Method.

Zelda's Faves

  • Steven Universe - Netflix & Hulu

My absolute favorite show at the moment. Whenever my parents are at the gym or not watching anything, I beg them to turn this on. I love the theme song and will watch several episodes while fully paying attention.

  • The Regular Show - Hulu

My parents watched this before I was even born but we also still watch it as a family. I think Mordecai and Rigby are so funny! And Pops is my favorite. It's good for kids but adults still find it funny. It talks about VCRs and laser discs, but I don't know what those are. I do know my parents drink too much coffee like Mordecai and Rigby do sometimes.

  • Miraculous Ladybug - Netflix

My mommy and I like to watch this in the mornings before Andrew gets up. Marinette is in love with Adrian and Cat Noir is in love with Ladybug. What they don't know if that Marinette is Ladybug and Adrian is Cat Noir. It's a great love story and has lots of adventure since they're always saving the day.

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